3. What we agree on to enable collaboration

In this chapter, we discuss how the structure of aspect models is set up, so that different aspect models become interchangeable and interpretable.   

What we agree on to enable collaboration


The structure of BIM is fixed, its contents are project-specific. We therefore agree on the minimum conditions that each aspect model must meet. Because a model does not have to represent the whole or one particular discipline, but can represent an 'aspect' of it, we call these aspect models. It is therefore possible for each discipline to have several aspect models within a project.

Crucial agreements

The agreements in this chapter are all intended to ensure clear and optimal collaboration. After careful consultation with the sector, we have arrived at the set of crucial agreements contained in this chapter. It is not a matter of choice, all agreements from chapter 3 apply to all aspect models.

TIP: Go through all the agreements in Chapter 3 with the project team as soon as you start a project together.