• Each aspect model uses a consistent naming convention.
  • Assign all objects to the correct building storey.
  • Only name construction
    levels as IfcBuildingStorey.

Construction level arrangement and naming

Correct construction levels

We create uniformity and consistency in the construction levels of the aspect models, so that the aspect models and their IFC extracts can be used unambiguously in a project. Ensure that the names and levels of the construction levels are the same across different aspect models. The principle of consistent naming is that aspect models can be sorted numerically, supplemented by a textual description.

What is a storey?

A storey is an accessible layer. The top of the finished floor is the BuildingStorey boundary, which means that the BuildingStorey is also the space boundary. In IFC files, there can therefore only be one BuildingStorey per storey. Auxiliary storeys (think: top elevation structural floor) may only exist in the native files.

The naming of BuildingStoreys is project-related. For example, a construction level name is composed as follows:

<code><poss. mezzanine letter>space<description>

Figure 3.3: Layout of BuildingStoreys. Red parts: objects belonging to '00 Ground Floor', blue parts: objects belonging to '01 First Floor'.