3.6 Classification system

Always assign objects a four-digit Classification code according to the latest published version used in the relevant country. 

Classification system


Classifying objects has several advantages, such as being able to filter, communicate and interpret easily and quickly. It also offers possibilities to make the link with other systems, for example, for estimates, FMIS or specifications.


The correct use of entities and possibly types already provides a rough filter in the IFC. Together with possible properties such as IsExternal and LoadBearing, a lot of information can be extracted from the model. The coding should be based on this information. You can also do it the other way round: start with the coding and then adjust the properties accordingly.

Depending on the software package used, the classification must be entered at a certain point. The result is a classification which is stored in IFC and can be used directly in the IFC-viewer/checker.



Name of the classification: NL-SfB table 1.

Note: Because computers often cannot handle the slash (/) we use the minus sign, so: NL-SfB (instead of NL/SfB).

TIP: Will you be exporting? It is important to note that the description of the selected code is also exported!