4.3 Load-bearing/non-load-bearing

For objects, when applicable, indicate whether the property LoadBearing is TRUE or FALSE.  



As a project team, you want to be able to filter which components contribute to the structural safety of a structure. The LoadBearing property (load-bearing=TRUE / non-load-bearing=FALSE) is only assigned to the primary and secondary structural components. An example:


If elements are partly load-bearing and are not modelled in sections, the load-bearing part is considered to be determinative. Please note: in existing buildings, too, a clear distinction must be made between load-bearing and non-load-bearing.

Starting point

The LoadBearing property should preferably be given to elements from the following IFC entities:

TIP: IFC2x3Tc1: As an example IfcPile has no LoadBearing property in the Pset_PileCommon. If you want to indicate that this foundation pile is (or is not) structurally load-bearing, you must use IFC4 or indicate this in a custom PropertySet.