A BASE to build on

Cooperation is better if the information on which we build is exchangeable, structured, unambiguous, correct, complete and reusable. The BIM base information delivery specification (BIM base IDS) is a good first step.

The second version of this application guideline builds on the previously laid foundation and is supplemented with feedback and insights from the work field. This updated BIM base IDS provides guidance and tips for the structured and unambiguous exchange of information in the construction industry. 

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BIM base IDS and spaces

Spaces are volumes and areas that are used as tools in different processes during the life cycle of a construction. Spaces are very important for reusing information. Their application are extremely diverse. Part 4.1 of BIM-based IDS explains.

Building Services Related Systems

 Part 4.2 of BIM base IDS zooms in to building services related systems. Questions as 'What are systems' have to be cleared in a BIM. 

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BIM base IDS is managed by a management organization, consisting of central coordination from the Netherlands and various international contacts. Contact Us? Click here.