2. How we exchange information

With the help of the IFC open data standard, we exchange information in a software-independent manner throughout the entire life cycle of a construction.

How we exchange information

From everyone and for everyone

To ensure that information is and remains exchangeable, regardless of which software is used, we have opted for IFC, an international open data structure. This standard is developed and managed by buildingSMART International. By agreeing on a common language, based on an open standard, the shared information in models will also remain available in the longer term.


Currently, IFC2x3 TC1 is the most widely used version, followed by IFC4. Many applications are able to use both IFC2x3 and IFC4 because they have a similar structure. For more information about the international open standards, see buildingSMART.org.

Aspect models

A building model consists of several aspect models, divided by discipline and/or building element. Several aspect models can also exist within a single discipline. Separate aspect models can be exported from discipline models. These can come from one source file. So, agree which part of the model you will export.

TIP: Consult the manuals on the website so that you can work with the unambiguous exchange of information in your own software.